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More Construction - 03/14/05

Some of you have probably noticed the new stuff is still being constructed.  Among other things is a problem with fitting the proper resolution, which I can't seem to figure out how at this time.  Stupid pixels just don't line up no matter how I fiddle with it. :P

Still playing World of Warcraft, my paladin is level 60 and I have a mage that reached 20 today.  I also have a priest and a rogue, but I find the priest kind of slow.  Rogues are fun, heh heh heh.

Also, I've entered an art contest!  The website is Go Manga, and I've added an entry there.  Please go register and vote for it, it only takes a minute!  Mine is entry A, the one at the top, under the Last Hope colored entries.

You can vote at <link removed since it was really, really old>, and the registration is at the top.

I'll post the image here (for now, at least until the contest is over) of the full 600-pixel width submission I originally sent them.  I don't care for how it was shrunk down a bit, it loses all that nice detail.

So please go and vote for me! ^_^


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