• Name: Chibi-Acer
  • Home: NY, USA
  • Occupation: Computer analyst, programmer
  • Hobbies: Running this website (hopefully a future occupation), playing RPGs, space flight sims, and more (see favorite stuff below)
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Anime: The Slayers, Card Captor Sakura, Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Favorite Manga: Oh! My Goddess, Gunsmith Cats, Dragonball Z
  • Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy II (SNES)
  • Favorite PC Game: Freespace 2

Chibi-Acer is one of those nuts who saw the re-release of Star Wars: Special Edition 7 (seven) times (maybe more?) in the movie theater, not counting the Special Edition versions of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi!  While he strongly questions the quality of Dark Horse Comics currently published selection, he has read almost all of the Star Wars novels, including the Young Jedi Knights series, Rogue Squadron, and The New Jedi Order.

When not devoting free time to working on reading or watching Star Wars (or trying to levitate objects), Chibi-Acer is often playing video/computer games or watching anime.  Often, both at the same time.  While he enjoys intense action sequences, he is also a sucker for cuteness!  Card Captor Sakura is currently fighting for dominance over his Pokémon addiction. ^_^

While he fears the power of sad story anime ^_^, he is also partial to light-hearted romantic shows like Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) and Marmalade Boy.  He recommends Vision of Escaflowne (definitely not the Fox released dubbed version) to those who enjoy action, adventure, and a little bit of romance.

Chibi-Acer is an excellent computer programmer, and is currently involved in three different companies, one of which is his own.  Picture Portal and Hyperspace are two minor works in progress, while a new RPG for the PC is hopefully further down the road.

  • Name: Davalimar
  • Home: NY, USA
  • Occupation:Computer Tech Support / Database Administration
  • Hobbies: Illustrator, drawing Chibi Knights comics, writer
  • Favorite Movie: Sabrina, The Secret World of Arrietty
  • Favorite Anime: Card Captor Sakura, Please Save My Earth
  • Favorite Manga: Oh My Goddess!
  • Favorite Video Game: Secret of Mana
  • Favorite PC Game: Sam 'n Max: Hit the Road

Chibi-Wallin is an avid player of online RPGs and is a guild officer in Everquest and DAoC, as well as temporary guild leader in The Realm.  His favorite times to play are during times when he should be studying, sleeping, or basking in the glow of the Sun (that is if he could even remember what the Sun looks like since he's usually not awake during those hours).

Even though his preference for anime runs along the lines of magic and swords, Chibi-Wallin also enjoys high-school romance animes like His and Hers or Marmalade Boy.  The only sci-fi anime he really enjoys is Please Save My Earth (which he sometimes uses to drive Chibi-Acer out of his mind).

While a writer of a barely touched novel, Chibi-Wallin's story ideas inspired his love to draw his most favorite characters, Wallin and Relaris.  Although his love of imagination is vast, he unfortunately spends most of his time napping, watching anime, and doing other non-drawing activities.  In fact, most of the time his best works come from when he's sitting at a desk with pen and paper in the middle of school lecture.  Currently, he is drawing comics for his college newspaper and hopes to continue drawing them during the Summer.


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