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Online Comics

- A hilarious online manga-style comic strip! New strips are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Penny Arcade
- A funny strip about two guys who take gaming as a way of life. And then some...updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Real Life Comics - The unusual, comical, and wacky lives of Greg Dean and his friends in his real adventures.  Updated Mondays through Fridays.

Eversummer Eve - A more serious story following a boy discovering mystical powers, the girl who helps him, the brother that tries to kill him, and the dragon that wants to use him; updated every Monday.

pOnju - Home of comics Chiga & Kaput, as well as the newer story PiggyHunter!  Fun and adventure all in one!

8-Bit Theater - Following the journies of the Light Warriors from Final Fantasy I, only it's a whole 'nother silly story.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - A comic strip about a boy into magical girl animes, and soon he gets to experience one for HERself.  Formerly the home of The Jar. - A site hosted by a great friend of mine with lots of sketches, an adoption center, and a webcomic, too!

Awesome Random Links

Gaia Online - Connecting anime and you!  Tons of links to anime and manga stuff, as well as a large art area and forums.  Best of all, you can create your own chibi, and dress him/her up if you stick around their site long enough!

Anime Shopping

AnimeNation - Quite likely the largest provider of anime and manga stuff on the Internet. Videos, DVDs, imports, magazines, wallscrolls, and tons of other goodies. Not always the best prices, but lower than retail, and the best selection I've ever seen!

House of Anime - Another great place to buy anime over the Internet. Great site to shop for wallscrolls and resin model kits!

Right Stuf International - Right Stuf has a pretty good selection of anime, and they also distribute a few anime titles, including Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Cool Devices, and hopefully soon, Karekano (His and Her Circumstances) - I know, it's not an anime specialty store. However, besides having the best balance between price, selection, and service when it comes to computer hardware and software, they also carry most of the mainstream anime on video that you find at your local video stores. If they have it, you can usually expect to have a lower price than most other Internet competitors.


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