Card Captor Sakura

Title - Card Captor Sakura
Publisher - Pioneer
Availability - VHS & DVD (Subbed OR dubbed)

Pros - Cute, funny, and original!  Especially when it comes to Kero-chan!

Cons - Although the show is sometimes serious, fast-paced, or exciting, it's young cast of characters may not appeal to people with mature tastes (but hey, it's anime, it's not supposed to be mature ^_^). 


Card Captor Sakura is the story of a girl in the fourth grade named Sakura Kinomoto (hence the title, hehe).  She's a typical girl who likes to roller-blade, enjoys gym class, and hates mathematics.  But one day, she has a mysterious dream and an unusual encounter in her father's study when she finds a magical book.  To her surprise, it contains cards with English names on them, the first being Windy.  After overcoming a little reading difficulty, she summons the spirit of Windy and accidentally releases all the cards into the world.  This then awakens the mighty guardian, Kerberos, who unfortunately turns out to be not-so-mighty anymore.

The rest of the cast includes Sakura's older brother Toya and his friend Yukito, whom Sakura has a crush on.  Of course, every magical girl also needs a best friend (and cool poses and outfits too!),  so Sakura has the rich and happy Tomoyo Daidouji.  Tomoyo is obsessed with taking photos and videos of Sakura.  There are other characters, such as Sakura's classmates, and two characters who show up later in the series: Li Syaoran and Mei Ling.

The art in Sakura is sugoi!  Unlike most anime, CCS changes the characters' outfits in every episode (with exception to the school uniform).  The characters are so cool and unique!  Well I already said the art was amazing; can't really describe it anymore than that. ^_^

The show comes dubbed or subtitled.  It's either one or the other, but not both on the same DVD.  Why?  Because the American version didn't start off with the first episode, and to top it off, whenever I watched it, the show was running in reverse order.  I used to like the dubbed voices but they drastically changed all the names (Tomoyo to Madison Taylor, Toya Kinomoto to Tori Avalon, Yuki to Julian Star) and pronounce Sakura all wrong!  Stick with subbed!!!

And music; what's an anime without music?  The opening and ending theme songs in the Japanese version (and I have to emphasize Japanese 'cause the English version isn't so good...) are so funny and upbeat that I used to listen to them non-stop for hours, and sometimes I still do ^_^;.  The best songs are the ones that focus on Kero-chan's craving for sweets.

The best part (well, at least the strangest segment) of CCS has to be what comes after the ending credits, but I'm not going to give it away, hehe!


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